Vincent’s Testimony

I was born and raised in Nyanza, the cultural Centre of Rukali , in the south province of Rwanda.

From early childhood my grandparents, traditional are Rwandan musicians, taught me to play traditional instruments and helped me to develop true love for my music and culture. They gave me a foundation that I could later in my life build on. I remember times when all people regardless of their background celebrated events together; gathered to sing songs, play instruments, dance together and share everything they ever had supporting each other.

No one could even expect that one-day long-time friends and neighbors would turn against each other in a jealous revenge. It seemed as of though demons acting so cruel with a smirk on their faces possessed people. Some felt that the time has come for revenge for all the years of humiliation and unfair treatment. People lost their humanity and dignity setting houses on fire, rapping and killing children and women, torturing and killing men, erasing the entire generation from the face of the earth. 100 days of genocide felt like long 100 years of fear, anger, devastation and hope.

It was difficult to tolerate the feeling that was bottling up inside over this period of time. My entire family was dead and I finally realized that I was all along surrounded by cruelty of this world. It was time for my own battle, the battle of survivor. After the genocide was finally over, the hardest part of life began. Being along at the age of 15 was not an easy task. I had to overcome anger, fear and disappointment while trying to find a roof above my head and food to eat. 

This was the time that all I had left is the musical skill that my wonderful grandparents tough me when I was younger. I started to look for musicians around the country that I could join and work hard for the money. Thanks to my family and all the skills they gave me as a child was now used for my survival. While I was playing my traditional instruments, dancing and singing I was learning so much about my culture and music. I was improving every day.

Soon, the new stage of my life began. Everywhere I went, I would meet people that planted seeds in my heart of God great plan for me and Salvation in Jesus name. I refused to listen and comprehend the teaching. All I could think about is that if God loved us so much, why would he abandon my country when it needed His help the most? Why would He allow my entire family to die and spare my life? Why did we have to go through the pain and suffering when His love is so unconditional? I could not make myself to trust and believe God. However, people surrounding me never gave up on teaching me about the Word of God. Every day Lord would send new people into my life to plant and water the seeds of my soon unconditional love and faith in my Lord and Savior. It was a long journey.

My music skills were rapidly improving and I was quickly developing as a professional traditional Rwandan artist.
Each day my life path was becoming more defined and Lord was definitely there to guide me and use my talent for His wonderful purpose. People that were send to me from Heaven were slowly developing my love and trust in God. I finally started to realize that He is Love. He is Strength and He never forsakes His children.

I finally accepted in my mind and believed with my heart that God is there for me. Ever since then, my life has changed. It was the time when I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior and ever since that moment on my life became a blessing. He gave me talents and directed it the proper humanitarian way. In 2005 I received an invitation to perform and represent my country in the United States. It was a true blessing from God! I finally was able to use the gift and talent God put in my hands to praise Him with my mind and my soul.

Shortly after, I moved to the United States and became one of very few cultural Rwandan ambassadors in the United States. All my music is a gift of God. Music is my destiny and the fulfillment of the purpose. I use music to praise Lord and tell people about His wonderful works. I thank Him for everything He has ever given me and everything that He will provide in the future. I believe in His unconditional love for me and all His children. I know He is Good and I know He is Love. I know He will never leave me and He will never forsaken me for as long as I live. My life has changed in the name of Jesus. I love Him with all my heart and my mind. I want every one to know that His powers have no limitations. There is nothing that God cannot do. There is nothing that you cannot do in the name of Jesus. Have faith and dont give up. Submit yourselves and wait on Jesus Christ; pray and praise God and your life will start to improve day by day.

I dedicate my life to Jesus Christ, my Lord and my Savior. It is my mission to bring people closer to God. It is my mission to help people to establish faith and bring them together. I believe there will be no more genocide in Rwanda and people will be able to recover, forgive and move on with their lives in the name of Jesus.