About the studio

If you’re looking for a Professional Recording Studio with a powerful digital recording studio and mastering services, with a staff that is inspirational, and a friendly, relaxed environment, then Book us for your next professional recording studio gig. We are available if you have already recorded your songs and would like them to be polished to an ultra high standard. Our production packages include everything from volume balancing, panning, EQ and effects, to replacing parts (e.g. drums). At the Studio Record, we are very sensitive to the feelings of our Artists. We never jump in and take over a session nor do we expect an Artist to do things our way. On the other hand, we have been making recordings for a very long time and have quite a few hits under our belt.

For a professional recording studio experience, our approach will empower and motivate any band to excel. When beginning a relationship with an Artist, one of the first things we try to establish is the degree of involvement the Artist wants us to have in their project. Usually we ask something like this: “On a scale of one to ten, how involved do you want us to be in your project?” (One equals: butt out. Ten equals: I need all the help I can get.) Usually the answer falls around six or seven where the Artist maintains the final say.

We believe it is good business to establish boundaries upfront. Depending on how involved with their recording project an Artist might want us to be, there usually is no fee for our Production Service. If an Artist would rather not use our production team, there’s no problem.

Recording Studio Session Musicians

If you do not have a band, we can help. If you are a songwriter and you don’t have access to a band we can provide a “band” sound without the band! You’ll have drums, bass, guitars, keyboards, loops, strings, and synths…. whatever you want or need for your song. We’ll also help with arrangements and other little behind the scenes things to make the song the best it can be. Or we can provide session musicians for the sound you want to hear.

Recording Studio Mixing

We’re equipped to make professional mixes in both Pro Tools & Logic platforms. See our equipment.

Recording Studio Production and Artist Development 

If you are an artist looking to break into the industry, we can help. We will make a good song into a great song and we can help you get it heard. We also coach performers into making a good performance a great performance.

Studio prices

The price should be negotiable depending on the project. For more information please feel free to contact us.

Engineering Fees

This is the cost of any studio time including; Recording, Mixing and Mastering, Depending on the Project.

Single song Fees

1st single at 600$ for all necessary steps for creating, recording and mixing a song. Rates vary depending on the song, and will be cheaper for more songs done.

Production by the hour