Recording Services

Vocal Recording Studio

Whether you’re a seasoned singer or just starting out you need a professional demo to further your career. A professional demo can help you obtain studio work, auditions, club gigs, attention from record labels or launch your artist career. The purpose of your demo is to show off your talent – what you can do, not necessarily what you have done. This way new career opportunities come along much quicker than you think. Of course singers without professional aspirations can record their vocal demo just for fun as well.

Today’s technology and vocal enhancement software is a very important part of vocal production and can greatly improve your performance. But this also raises the standard significantly. Our ears are used to perfect singing. Why do you think vocal tracks on major records sound so good? It’s not because the singer actually sings perfectly at all times. After the singing is done the recordings are edited for hours until the producer and record company are satisfied. 

Your demo will be heard by people who have possibly been in the industry a lot longer than you, and your demo needs to be better than anything they’ve heard. How can you produce an affordable Demo? The most cost-effective way of producing a top-quality vocal demo that sounds every bit like a $10,000 recording is to use high quality playback tracks of popular songs, also called karaoke tracks. These are the instrumental recordings that contain the fully-produced music for any popular song, but without the vocal. But beware of cheap sounding karaoke recordings! You want to use only the best. At you can listen to the songs before you buy them. When you contact us for a consultation we will discuss your song choice with you and help you with your decision.

Vocal process

Background music

Before your recording session starts, we will transfer the background music of your song to a professional multi-track recording format so you can overdub the vocals. We will set you up comfortably in front of a high quality microphone. You will sing through a high end pre-amp and compressor using pristine converters. We suggest you can do some quick exercises to warm up your voice. 

Song recording

After getting your vocal sound and getting comfortable with the headphone mix you’re ready to record your song. The recording process can last from 1 to 3 hours depending how fast you like to work. You can listen back to what you’ve sang and re-cut the vocal track for the song as many times as you like. We provide every top-of-the-line vocal enhancement device to keep your performance at peak. In the end we should have 3 to 7 complete vocal takes of the whole song. 

Vocal  Recording Editing

When the singing is done our engineers will start the editing process which can take from 5 to 10 hours. We will carefully listen back to all the different vocal takes you recorded, and pick the best parts of each take. The different parts will be cut into one continuous final track. Then we will look at Pitch and Timing problems that should be fixed. You might have sung an incredible line but the last note got flat (the note is too low) or you might have rushed in certain parts of the song. We use the newest programs and recording technologies which can correct unfortunate pitch and time mistakes much better than anything ever before. The results are remarkable.

Vocal  Mixing

The final vocal track is finished now. The music will be re-mixed back to a stereo master with your vocal on top. But first we have to decide if the vocal needs more Compression, possibly EQ, Deessing or other enhancing. After that we apply effects, maybe some Reverb and Delay. 

Depending on how dynamic your singing is your vocal can get louder and softer during the course of the song even after compression. So in order to avoid issues where the voice jumps out too much or gets buried in the song we adjust the vocal volume of the music throughout the song. This is also called “automating the vocal volume”. Mixing will take a little more than an hour.

Vocal Studio Recording Mastering

Your song will be mastered. We use various mastering software to produce a louder, punchier and rounder sound. 

Vocal Studio Recording Timeline

The whole production will take about 5 to 15 hours of work for each song you record. The objective is an effective professional recording that turns your target audience head. And since a Vocal Demo is not meant for commercial use you can make as many copies as you want and send them out to studios, auditions, record labels, promoters etc. You buy and bring your own playback song(s) to the studio. Be ready to sing and we will do the rest.

Vocal Studio Recording Coach

We can help you much as we can to coaches your voice and  your performance. Focus is on breath control, range, register breaks, volume control, tone, power, style, ear training, stage performance and recording/mic technique. Our vocal coach learning method is fun and does not require any prior music knowledge. You do not have to read music. 

Besides breathing and vocal exercises you will practice with prerecorded songs. This is the best way to imitate a real performance or recording situation. This is also a great method to train your ears. You will end up having much more confidence in yourself and your voice. We will also give you the insides of how today’s music business works and prepare you for your career.