Mixing Services

Mixing music is a lifelong passion of ours. As a professional mix engineer we feel very lucky and fortunate to have been able to surround ourselves with inspiring individuals who share our affection for music.

As the music industry changes so are the types of projects. Five years ago bands with six figure mix budgets were quite normal within the major label circuit, and although we’ve been a part of that process, I’ve found an increased demand for work from artists and musicians who record independently and without a label’s pocketbook, yet still want the most “bang for their buck”.

Not only would we like to help other artists learn to make your recording better, but to also know that regardless of where you live in the world, you can hire our award winning mix engineers to give your music the sound it deserves. Mixing records is a skilled art, and while the recording process is important, it’s the mixer that finalizes the artist’s vision. With Studio Record experienced mixing engineers and our selection of plugins and powerful Pro Tools HD mixing environment, we can make sure every nuance is brought out in the mix. We can correct drum performances, and, by using the latest methods, we can combine stellar sounding samples and loops with the best EQ and compression to make your bands mixes sound huge. With extensive mixing credits on albums in many different genres, we will provide a world-class sound to your next project.